Mjönäs in Älvsbacka parish and other names in –näs in Värmland

By Eva Nyman

In: Ortnamnssällskapets i Uppsala årsskrift 2018


The name Mjönäs in Älvsbacka parish in Värmland has been assumed to refer to the settlement’s location on a comparatively narrow neck of land between the lakes Östra and Västra Örten. The author questions this interpretation, as the use of the word näs to denote an isthmus appears to be relatively late and a feature of the standard language, while the place-name element näs normally seems to refer to a point or headland. To study the use of the element in Värmland place-names, the author has reviewed the printed material in SOV (Sveriges ortnamn: Ortnam­nen i Värmlands län), finding strong evidence there that the place-name element näs does indeed refer to points and headlands. Furthermore, the author believes that she can identify the narrow, now submerged point that gave rise to the name Mjönäs.