Tordyveln. A metaphorical place-name?

By Svante Strandberg

In: Ortnamnssällskapets i Uppsala årsskrift 2018


Tordyveln is the name of a very small lake in the Södermanland parishes of Flen, Forssa and Vadsbro (Tordyfveln 1677). The name is probably linked to the word tordyvel ‘dung beetle’. The little lake is in a hollow and has a relatively inaccessible shoreline, sur­rounded by forest. The question is whether the name Tordyveln refers to the oc­currence of beetles here or whether it is a metaphor, expressing the lake’s per­ceived resemblance to a dung beetle. A definite choice between these two alter­natives is hardly possible, but the author finds the interpretation of Tordyveln as a metaphorical name the more appealing.