The names Orresta and Orrhammar in Flen

By Svante Strandberg

In: Ortnamnssällskapets i Uppsala årsskrift 2019


Close to Lake Orrhammaren in the Södermanland parishes of Flen and Mellösa are the farms Orresta (in ormstum 1340) and Orrhammar (ii orambrum 1367). The name Orresta may be assumed to contain the word orm ‘snake’, used as an appellative, a personal name or part of a place-name. The author discusses various possible interpretations of the two farm names. He is most inclined to assume that they both contain orm (or Orm or Orm-). Orrhammar may for example derive from a form *Orm(stadha)hamaʀ ‘the stony slope associated with Ormsta’.